The objective of the proposal is to demonstrate NSS IT Solution Sdn Bhd via MyBus Ticketing System is capable to qualify as a vendor for the Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM).

Among the area of focus in fulfilling the requirements set out by Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) are:

  • Administrative Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Competencies

What We Did

  1. Shuttle Bus Ticketing system in Android Platform (Apps)
  2. Auto detect and switch to Next Stop with Geo-fencing by Integrated GPS
  3. Bus Sales Data auto upload to server by using Web Services
  4. Driver, Route and Price auto synchronize between On Board Unit in Bus and Server
  5. Command and Control Centre Monitoring System
  • Performance Management Module
  • Fleet Management Module
  • Driver Tracking Module
  • Sales Tracking Module
  • Content Management Module
  • "Checker" Management Module
  • Cashless Payment Card Module
  • Journey Planner


  • Efficient and convenient for checker to check on-board passenger by using tablet.
  • Aid bus operator in tracking bus location and speed violation on road
  • Speed up on-board ticketing services with implementation of cashless prepaid card and Touch n Go
  • Minimize human error in issuing ticket and ticket sales collection

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